FeedDemon 2.0 Is Coming

I’ve been using FeedDemon 1.6 RC2 (the version that synchronizes with NewsGator Online) for the past two months as my feed reader.  I monitor over 400 blogs a day and have found that FeedDemon is the only way I can handle this volume effectively.  As an investor in NewsGator, I regularly use all the NewsGator products (very convenient since they almost all sync – NetNewsWire sync should be out soon for you Mac users – so I can easily switch between them.) I also play with many of the other aggregators to make sure I know what folks are up to.  Nothing comes close to FeedDemon for high volume RSS feed reading / management.

Nick Bradbury – the creator of FeedDemon – has put up some teaser screens for FeedDemon 2.0.  A number of the new features are aimed at helping with RAT (relevance / attention / trust) which is important for anyone dealing with a large number of feeds.  NewsGator / Nick decided not to release 1.6 and go directly to 2.0 to take advantage of a number of new things coming in NewsGator Online.

If you are curious about FeedDemon 2.0, take a look at a few of the screens:

Unread feed view – yum.  Awesome stuff Nick.

  • rob

    forgive my ignorance but what makes feeddemon that much better then, for example, thunderbird?

  • Thanks for the post, Brad! Rob, I don’t wish to knock Thunderbird – it’s a great application – but it was designed as a mail reader rather than as an RSS reader. IMO, once you get to a certain volume in your RSS reading, the one-item-at-a-time email metaphor break down and you start getting overloaded.

    FeedDemon was designed specifically for reading RSS, which (as Brad points out) enables you to manage a high volume of incoming information. FeedDemon offers multiple views of your feeds, including a “river of news” which shows items from multiple feeds combined into a single newspaper. FeedDemon also offers podcatching tools, enabling you to download podcasts and sync them with your iPod or other media player. Plus, FeedDemon’s synchronization with NewsGator Online keeps your subscriptions synched, enabling you to read your feeds on different computers without duplication of unread items (a big deal if you use more than one computer, such as a desktop at work and a laptop when traveling).

    And as you can see from the screenshots that Brad linked to, FeedDemon will soon become a lot smarter by noticing what you’re paying attention to – useful stuff for recommending other feeds, or simply letting you know which feeds you’re reading the most.