Christmas Lights

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas lights (see my Christmas vs. Chanukah post).  However, last night at our holiday party Ross turned me on to the most amazing Christmas light show that I’ve ever seen (and – having grown up in Dallas, I was subject – against my will – to some doozies).  This is less “Christmas light” than it is “technology / music / light tour de force with a mild Christmas theme.)   Awesome.  (Note: for some reason it’s only working correctly in IE this morning so if you are a Firefox user and getting a screen full of gunk, try IE).

  • Yeah, it crashed my FireFox. I did a blog post on this light display on December 2nd that has a link to CollegeHumor which works in FireFox.

  • The awesome display was done by Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio. Great job by Carson, but unfortunately, he had to shut it down on Dcember 7th because of too many folks driving by to see it and creating a public safety hazard. Kinda knew that was going to happen because it must be quite a site to see in person. He uses a low-power FM transmitter so folks can tune their radio’s to hear the music sychronized to the lights rather than have speakers blaring/bothering the neighbors. It’s actually the video from last year’s christmas that got “released” on the Internet in mid-November and basically went everywhere. I understand that a beer company shot a commercial at Carson’s house, so you may see it on your TV screen – should be cool.

    A browser neutral link can be found at:
    along with some movies of my 26,000 controllable christmas lights … but they pale in comparison to Carson’s.

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