The Worst Job Ever

I woke up to a video of The Worst Job Ever in my inbox.  On this Thanksgiving weekend, be thankful you don’t have this job.

  • John McCarthy

    Very funny. Now edit for language, and you’ve got a GREAT 30-60 second commercial for Verizon Wireless…..Not sure the phone company guys would appreciate the humor, or be willing to take a risk with it, but I guess that is what makes them the phone company. It would do wonders for the brand, and make me feel slightly better about using a wireless company that has a pretty lame selection of phones.

  • Very funny. My 11 yr old son actually came up with something similar on this commercial last year. While riding in the car one day, he was contemplating his navel or something, when he spontaneously said, “the guy on the other end of those Verizon commercials (you know, ‘can you hear me now?’) has a terrible job. At least the other guy gets to travel around.” Hilarious.