Linux is Not Windows

Dave Jilk passed on this article by Dominic Humphries explaining why Linux is Not Windows.  The analogy that starts off the article is perfect:

Linux <=> Windows is like Motorbikes <=> Cars: Both are vehicles that get you from A to B via the roads. But they’re different shapes, different sizes, have different controls, and they work in fundamentally different ways. They are not freely interchangeable. They have different uses and different strengths & weaknesses, and you should pick whichever is appropriate, not pick one and expect it to do everything that the other can do.

This is not a screed on why Windows sucks, or why Linux is great.  Rather, it’s a very thoughtful article on the differences between the two.

  • And hence, we have this situation where Windows-only users are disgusted with their own platform, so they show up on Linux’s doorstep and demand that it become Windows just for them.

    And then wonder why it’s not happening? No, what we need is a free version of WINDOWS for the Windows-users. A GPL’d Windows! Taking a GPL’d Unix-alike and trying to rebuild it into Windows is like taping whiskers and a tail on a duck and trying to teach it to meow.

    Seriously, I regard Linux as the best thing on any computer, ever, but my meat is Windows’ users’ poison. Linux is not what they want or need, and they should not have it. They should just scratch up their own free version of their chosen system. Then *everybody* can be happy!

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