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Serenity: She’s Starting to Damage My Calm

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Amy and I saw Serenity yesterday, along with $10m worth of other people.  We loved it.  This morning, while I was running over the Brooklyn Bridge with Matt Blumberg, I asked him what he thought of it (he saw it yesterday also).  He was unambiguous – he didn’t like it.  I probed a little, found out he hadn’t seen the TV series (amazing show, but cancelled after a dozen episodes or so) and it was clear that he didn’t understand a lot of the movie.

It’s a fantastic movie.  However, I’m going to guess that you have to at least be familiar with the backstory to get it.  And – like other movies that evolved out of TV shows (e.g. The X-Files) I’ll bet that you have to love and have befriended the characters already to understand all the jokes, bantering, and double entredres.  If you haven’t seen the TV show, but want to see the movie, spend some time on the Firefly Wiki getting up to speed (c’mon – you’ve got to love a TV show that has its own wiki.)  Or – try the fan blog if you want to keep up real time with the chatter.  Or – go hardcore and watch the TV show Firefly on DVD in four days like Amy and I did.

Yes – Joss Whedon is a genius.  Jayne caused me to fall out of my chair when he said – referring to River – “she’s starting to damage my calm.”

  • Alexander Muse

    I saw a couple of episodes of the show (via Tivo) and I didn’t get the appeal. The show seemed to have a lot of ‘hype’ around it, but still I just didn’t get it. Now all of you hypsters have me thinking I might have missed something. I guess I will check out the movie…

  • Dave Jilk

    I guess that’s the Firefly equivalent of “you’re harshing my mellow.”

  • Rawle

    I don’t think that you needed to be a fan of the tv show to enjoy Serenity. I have a vague recollection of perhaps seeing 1 episode of the tv show and not really getting into, and yet I absolutey loved the movie when I caught it in the theater.

    I just saw it again on HBO, which prompted the search on “She’s really starting to damage my calm” (for the name of the character that made me laugh out loud when he uttered those words) and stumbled across your blog.

    Of course I realise that this entry is close to a year old, and this comment will likely not be seen, but I felt the need to comment anyway, and to add that I took two non sci-fi fans with me to see Serenity. They expected to hate it, and came out loving it hands down, so again no, you didn’t really have to be familiar with the tv show, or even be a sci-fi fan to enjoy Serenity. It was just damn good story telling.

  • Miami Lawyer

    And – like other movies that evolved out of TV shows (e.g. The X-Files) I’ll bet that you have to love and have befriended the characters already to understand all the jokes, bantering, and double entredres.

    • rogue_dragon05

      No actually you don’t, I saw Serenity before ever hearing of Firefly, and adored it, after I bought the DVD I found out about the series and got it sometime later, seeing the movie did’nt spoil the series in anyway, of course theres a connection to the charecters that you get from watching the series first but it’s not critical like say Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

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