Interview in Milestone Quarterly

The Milestone Group just published an interview with me in their quarterly newsletter.  I answer questions such as:

  • Am I long or short on Google?
  • Will 2006 be the year of Microsoft?
  • Will the software industry become commoditized?
  • What will the Internet deliver in the next five years?
  • How can startups find things that the big players won’t compete on?
  • What advice would you give an entrepreneur starting a company today?
  • What competitive venture fund would you invest $10 million in?
  • What’s the most unique deal you’ve been pitched in the last six months?

Watch out The Great Carnack, may you rest in peace.

  • Some form of an air taxi system is too logical not to happen. We’ve just implemented consumer oriented state-specific RSS feeds on our blog (and at stand alone sub for empty legs. These are unused route segments of private charter flights that offer the flyer tremendous value.

    This is just a tiny step in the process of introducing greater efficiency to a relatively inefficient system – if we can improve empty leg utilization rates it will lower the overall cost of private jet travel.

    Solving the passenger aggregation issue is the big hurdle. But once solved, we believe existing charter operator capacity is sufficient to handle the increased traffic. Meaning we don’t plan on owning a single plane, but rather prefer to direct passenger flow. That would make us “asset light.” Ouch, that term bit someone in the ass awhile back.

    As Adam Smith said, “Today’s luxuries are tomorrow’s necessaries.” And so it will go with executive jet travel. Stay tuned.

  • common brad, dont make us go read the inteview. are you long or short goog? i just shorted ebay.

  • Will 2006 be the year of Microsoft?

    Check out this interview with Brad Feld, published in the Milestone Group in their quarterly newsletter. Some of the questions posed: Am I long or short on Google? Will 2006 be the year of Microsoft? Will the software industry become

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