Work Life Balance Interview

When I posted the article I wrote on Discovering Work Life Balance for the MIT Sloan School Alumni Magazine, I received numerous positive comments as well as several follow up interview requests.  One of them was from The Open Grove, a non-profit in Denver that “is an independent forum that provides a dynamic convergence of perspectives on holistic health and well-being.” 

Claudia Christian – the founder of The Open Grove – asked me a few questions; the resulting interview is available now.  It’s only 11 minutes long, is tightly (and nicely) edited, and is a good companion to the article I wrote.  Enjoy.

  • Today, thanks to the ingenious work of biologists, mainly of geneticists, during the last thirty or forty years, enough is known about the actual material structure of organisms and about their functioning to state that, and to tell precisely why present-day physics and chemistry could not possibly account for what happens in space and time within a living organism. ,

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