IBM X41 Tablet – September Toy of the Month

I’m hell on laptops.  I fondly remember my first Compaq luggable (aka “the sewing machine”) – it’s still up in my parent’s attic somewhere.  Every year or so I get a new one, and my IBM T40 had served me well. 

I’ve been jonesing for a tablet PC for a while.  I tried the first Compaq when it was released (it sucked – returned) and recently tried the new HP Compaq Tablet PC tc4200 (ok, but lousy screen and marginal keyboard – returned). 

So – it was with relatively low expectations that I awaited my IBM X41.  It was released in June and it didn’t show up until mid-August.  But – it was worth every minute of the wait.  This is the first tablet I’ve used that is completely interchangeable with a laptop (e.g. you want a laptop – fine, you want a tablet – fine.)  While this is a Lenovo computer (instead of IBM), I can’t tell the difference between it and my IBM T40 (which was an IBM computer) – the IBM to Lenovo handoff appears seamless so far. 

Without question, this was the best toy of the month.  I’m only five days into September, but I came home to a few fun toys, so next month may have some competition.

  • IBM’s sending me an X41 Tablet to try out for a few months, Brad, and I’m definitely looking forward to using it. You’re just the latest person raving about this 3.3 lb. unit from IBM/Lenovo!

  • I considered buying a tablet pc when they first came out, but I was also worried whether it could actually substitute my laptop, or just complement it. I was also worried with quality of design, ease of use, etc.

    Last year, August, I bought the T42p, my best buy ever. But keep on posting us on the x tablet series. I am looking forward to hearing both the tablet experiences and about the IBM/Lenovo shift.

  • IMO the SSD + 4GB will enhance the experience… I am contemplating the similar move so I am interested in your findings. I'm and Outlook and Excel junkie (lunatic fringe on Excel), so I get cold sweats at the prospects… BTW — I'll buy your X300 🙂

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