Comfortably Numb

I had a monster run today in Dallas on my ramp up to the New York Marathon. In the pre-Rita heat, humidity, and wind I covered 16 miles. While I kept waiting for “Lovely Rita Meter Maid” to come on my Shuffle, I ended up hearing the best cover of Comfortably Numb (by Copper Box) that I’ve ever heard thanks to Coverville. I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan and – after struggling for a few miles at about 90 minutes because I ran out of water (and didn’t hit a store for three miles) – this Polka / Stevie Ray Vaughan / Country Rock style version helped me kick it back up into a faster gear.

As every runner that listens to music while running knows, the music you listen to has a meaningful impact on your run. I’m totally into covers and mashups these days because they are complex and different enough to completely suck my brain in. So – if you have recommendations, my legs will thank you – simply tag them in as for:bfeld

And – for the rest of the day – I have become comfortably numb.

  • I listened to Comfortably Numb. Thanks for pointing me to it.
    If you’re in your 30’s (or even early 40’s) and you grew up in a house where Saturday morning cartoons were a weekly ritual you’ll love “School House Rock! Rocks”. Blind Melon’s “3 is a magic number” is worth the CD purchase by itself. Man or Astro Man does a cover of “Interplanet Janet”, which seems appropriate and I’ve never heard anything else by Skee-lo, but their rendition of “Mr Morton” would stand by itself as a great tune.
    Covers of School House Rocks!

  • Thomas Johnson

    48 Laws of Power was just an all around bad book.

  • best of luck in the marathon. target time?

    ran the helsinki marathon in august and just did a half marathon yesterday.

    had to train for the marathon during the brief but hot summer here (never as hot as there, though). ended up running under the midnight sun, when it was much cooler.

    keep it going.

    as for music, i heard of a guy who made a playlist for running specifically to keep him on pace. i can’t run with music, i hear the beat too strongly and get my steps all messed up. except that one time some sappy 80s tune, that i didn’t know i had, was perfect. almost made me gag. never listened to music while i run ever since.

    it’s podcast for me if anything. except when i had 4 hours worth of podcast ready to listen to on my phone during the marathon and found out only when i was already runing that none of the podcasts had tranferred. ugh!


  • Chris Westfall

    I recommend that you try Stone Free: A Tribute to Jim Hendrix.

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