Send Gmail From Any Address

Now – here’s a feature that’s useful for all the Gmail addicts in the world.  Now, you can have your “From” address be anything you want for an email you send from Gmail.  Finally.

Historically, if I sent an email from Gmail, it came from [email protected].  Now – I could set the reply-to to [email protected].  But – I couldn’t change the Send.  Groan.  Not good.  Simple feature.  Been around forever.  Critically important to egomaniacs with simple to remember email addresses that aren’t afraid of spam (er, um, …)

Gmail just added the ability to customize the “From:“ address on outgoing mail.  Much simpler, and much more interesting to me than Google Talk.

  • Thanks Brad, this is great! I was getting a lot of email address to from people who add you as a contact from the From: line. I switch between clients all the time, so this will help enormously.

  • Send Gmail From Any Address

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  • Ditto…thanks…hadn’t caught this…now gmail is pari pasu with yahoo mail on this key feature…

  • I wouldn’t have noticed, and it was my biggest gripe about gmail. I will now only open Outlook for the calendar.

  • dan

    I agree Brad, this is a much more exciting feature than google talk. I’ve been requesting this feature to google for a few months now. Now if only I could receive emails from all addresses through gmail, have a gmail calendar with rss feeds and sharing ability, sms reminder service, and I’d never need outlook again!

  • Bye Bye Desktop E-mail!

    YES!!!! My Number 1 Gmail wishlist item has been fullfilled! I can now use Gmail for all emails! Even corporate mails! Why? Because I can now use Gmail to compose and send out mails using my other email addresses! So, once I get all emails to [email protected]

  • Thanks for the update that it is available.

    I sent myself an email into Outllok and the From header lists “[email protected]; on behalf of; Peter Hoven [[email protected]]” So it isn’t quite what I would like yet. Is anyone else seeing the from address this way?

  • Gmail Fixes the From Field.

    From Feld Thoughts
    Send Gmail From Any Address

    Now – here’s a feature that’s useful for all the Gmail addicts in the world. Now, you can have your “From” address be anything you want for an email you send from Gmail. Finally.
    Thanks fo…

  • Send Gmail From Any Address

    Google Talk is seen by many as a move from Google to move beyoond being just a search engine and increase the number of registered users.
    Google Talk requires a GMail account (e-mail me if you want an invite), and in another initiative to make regis…

  • Dave

    Peter – Yes I’ve noticed the same behavior in the from address. A bit disappointing I agree.

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  • I love it. Now gmail has lost the last of its clunkiness. If it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have known about this great new feature.

  • Paul Beardsell

    This facility now seems to be missing. No longer can you change the “From:” header. Frustrating!

  • mads

    Please let the folks at Gmail know that you dont like the “on behalf of” functionality:

  • grinaldo

    I added a new from address using the US language version of Gmail and then switched to the UK version. Now the “on behalf of” message is gone! Hooray

  • n.morley

    GMAIL is two steps away from killing yahoo mail and outlook.

    For me to get rid of outlook, gmail needs a calendar. Also, basic sales contact software features would be nice (then I could get rid of ACT too.)

    Yahoo mail is free but you have to pay for forwarding. Wouldn’t it be great if gmail could in the background access my yahoo or hotmail account. Logon with my permission and suck all the mail back to gmail.

    I’d become a gmail lifer.

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