Room 214

I love numbers.  Consider it one of my weird predilections.  I’m in Room 214 in a hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska tonight.  When I told Amy my room number, she said “what a great number.”  The reasons are:

  • 21 is the first two digits
  • 14 is the second two digits
  • 7 is the sum of all three digits
  • 2/14 is valentines day

Yes – I know we are a strange, bizarre, and twisted couple.  But – isn’t that what makes it fun?

  • “21 is the first two digits
    14 is the second two digits”

    In the interests of good grammar, shouldn’t your post read:-

    21 are the first two digits
    14 are the second two digits ?


  • Jenny Lawton

    Funny, Nick got his locker combination yesterday:


    I thought that was a pretty cool combo. 4×12, 3×12 and 0. I guess 48-36-12 may have been better or 48-36-24 would have been really cool … but it felt like good number karma to me.

    I spend too much of my time on the highway playing with the numbers in the license plates on the cars ahead of me.

  • You could also add that 21 minus 14 equals 7 and that 21 and 14 are multiples of 7.

  • Adding to the 7 loveliness, 21 and 14 are both multiples of 7. My mother loved the number 7, so rather than planning a bash for her fiftieth, did it a year earlier for a 7 times 7 party.

    And before Mike jumps in and corrects me, yes, I should have spelled each of those sevens out, rather than including the digit. 🙂

  • Brad Feld = Nerd to the 214th power.

  • fraser

    it’s a 3 digit number that can, through addition, “count” to 7.


  • Derald Muniz

    I thought I’d post comment #7 for more fun.

  • How appropriate Brad as I run a company called
    Room 214 and I subscribe to your blog. Hmmm.

    The origins of Room 214 are a story for another time.

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