I Don’t Like Mondays

Bob Geldof is echoing through my head.  It was one of those days – it didn’t help that I overdid it yesterday on my run up and down Homer Hill (and am still feeling weird 24 hours later from 90 minutes of too much hill.)  At least I have a pretty pictures to look at.  Here are your Alaska photos of the day.

Blackstone GlacierSea Otters

(Blackstone Glacier and some very happy looking sea otters that didn’t realize that Monday’s happen – courtesy of Dave Jilk.) 

IMG_0170Photo 34

The Homer, Alaska sunset is on the left; the Maine sunset (where Seth Levine – who works with me – is on vacation right now) is on the right.  How’s that for a bi-coastal blog – Seth decided to go on vacation about as far away from me as he could get and still be in the United States. 

It’s almost Tuesday.


  • Ken Duffett

    Your blog is only the 2nd I’ve ever read, (as I was directed here from the first) and I can’t believe you mentioned Elevation Partners. My company sold them the domain name last year. Actually I sold it to a kid who probably got the inside track eavesdropping at the Menlo Park
    coffee shop, and he flipped it to Elevation Partners. Either that or they sent in an inexperienced sounding kid with a low-ball offer
    so they…oh. Now I get it. Actually the offer was fine and it went toward marketing of our newest venture. Looking forward to more of your insight.

  • Dave

    Hello Brad & Amy,
    Have you two done the Inside Passage from Seattle to Skagway? It’s Homer x 10! Especially on your own boat. Am doing a non-profit travel club just for there i.e., 4 weeks of your choosing per year, per share, on 42′ house/yacht/condo. U drive or we captain for you. “SeaShares”..Lifetime investment in the last great adventure for about $45k.
    I need angel to get 1st 3 boats built. Remember they used to park Lake Powell houseboats in Denver supermarket lots and sell shares, in the 80s?
    All the best

  • Yup – we took Amy’s mom on the Inside Passage Cruise for her 60th birthday (along with 18 of Amy’s closest relatives.) It was a fantastic cruise. We did Vancouver to Seward.

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