Homer Earthquake

We just had the biggest earthquake of the summer – a 4.7 at 12:57pm our time – about 38 miles from Homer.  Following is the map (hint: look for the big red box.)


We have lots of little earthquakes nearby all the time – this time it was big enough to notice.  At first I thought Amy had snuck up on me and was shaking the back of my chair to get my attention.  I said something like “hey babe” but the shaking continued.  I turned around and Amy wasn’t there.  I then noticed that my computer monitors were bouncing around at which point “EARTHQUAKE!” entered my brain.  I rolled with the last five seconds (it was about 10 seconds long) and then went up stairs to announce the event.  Amy thought I was slamming doors down stairs, so she didn’t make the connection until I told her.

  • wow, what an experience!

    those arial maps of alaska are breath-taking.

    Homer must be the definition of surreal.

  • While I live a bit East of your place in the Boulder, Colorado foothills, I happened to be up in Alaska this last week and was at my sister’s in Palmer, Alaska (few hundred miles North of ‘ya) when this occurred … and yea, it was a bit surreal, although we correctly diagnosed an Earthquake pretty quickly and noticed it up on the USGS site not very long afterwards – I imagine you got a bit more of a shake as you were fairly close to the epicenter.

    On a perhaps related note, we had just finished up a fun little fishing charter in Seward Alaska – I’ve never been to Homer, but my guess is that it has some similarities to Seward – nice place … and as can be seen in the pictures, some GREAT fishing! 😉

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