Google Pie

By now, everyone has probably heard that Google is doing a secondary offering and selling 14.2m shares of stock.  It turns out they are actually selling 14,159,265 shares.  Of course, anyone who loves numbers like I do will immediately recognize this as the first eight digits of pi after the decimal point.  What a delicious cheap thrill for all the numerologists in the world.

  • They are doing a follow-on offering, not a secondary offering.

  • Imagine my thrill when I moved to Colorado and was then given free access to a UNIX machine that supported a hundred or so users at the same time � it was big iron. Before leaving work one Friday afternoon, I kicked off a program in the background to see how far it could get on computing Pi by Monday morning. Instead of a nice long result when I logged in on Monday, I had an Audix message (Voicemail for non-Bell Heads) from a supervisor in the comp center explaining the concept of system accounting to me. Apparently I had �wasted� an awful lot of CPU on my picalc application and he had killed it. Next time it happened he�d be forced to bill my department and then I�d be in big trouble. Thanks for reminding me � I still chuckle about it!

  • I wouldn’t have caought that myself – I guess I’m not a numbers guy like I thought. Just found your blog a few days ago (from A VC) – keep up the good work!

  • “… will immediately recognize this as the first eight digits of pi after the decimal point.”

    What kind of person thinks like this? I’ve worked for 3 PhDs in my recent past, and I don’t think that they think like this … 😉

  • Derald Muniz

    Gotta love it

  • Ha! How fun. I’m glad to see them throw a little easter egg in there like that for us number wonks.

  • Ann

    Is there any word yet on whether they’re using an auction again? WR Hambrecht has been offering OpenFollowon auctions for years. Is Google going to stick with the auction method for its equity (and debt?) offerings, or is it switching to the traditional approach?

  • ZOE

    whatt the fuck numerologist ?? fun?? OMG LAME

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