Google Maps – High-Yield Detonation Effects Simulator

I’m fascinated with a Google Maps mashups (I prefer “mashup” to “hack”).  Having recently read 109 East Palace (yet another very good history of the Manhattan Project), pondering nuclear (and other) holocaust in the brilliant Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and listening to Amy talk about “the great concavity” (the result of a nuclear explosion that is a central part of the geography on the eastern United States in Infinite Jest) – I’ve had explosions on my mind recently.  I can’t say the Google Maps High-Yield Detonation Effects Simulator is particularly comforting, but it is enlightening.

  • Crazy!

    When looking at the map over Denver, I can’t imagine down town being utterly wiped out.

  • Why do you think our society has such an obsession with WMDs and nukes? After all most of us are going to die from rather mundane and even “natural” causes anyway?

    Sure, there’s lots of interesting material in the history of this stuff, quite separate from the actual or potential effects of the weapons themselves.

    WMDs are a legitimate concern for policymakers, but I see no reason why citizens should either worry about them or be bombarded with hysteria that is politically motivated. Let the policymakers decide how to handle them as best they can and let them follow through on those plans. Leave the hysteria out of the picture entirely.

    My biggest concern is that WMD issues are devolving in two separate directions: 1) a sick joke (as illustrated by your Google “mashup”), and 2) overplayed as a political justification for various extremist socio-political agendas, such as the Project for the New American Centure (PNAC) and various neoconservative efforts.

    My advice: 1) we should do what we can to dissuade the sick jokes, and 2) we should figure out why our political system is so dysfunctional as to enable the extremists to begin with.

    Are mashups of value? We need to see real, productive examples rather than sick jokes or cynical hysteria.

    — Jack Krupansky

  • Scary!! Google Maps – High-Yield Detonation Effects Simulator

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  • Jack,

    As the author of HYDEsim, I can assure you that it isn’t intended to be a joke of any kind, sick or otherwise.

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