Google, Me, Stewardesses, And Unions

For the last few days, I’ve been puzzled that “Stewardesses Stripped” was the most popular link on my blog according to MyBlogLog.  This was from a post I did in May on a clever calendar from some United Airlines stewardesses.  So – for the hell of it – I did a Google search on Stewardesses Stripped.   Voila – I’m number 1.  I’m number 3 on Yahoo and number 5 on MSN (c’mon MSN – get with it!) 

How bizarre.  It’s especially ironic since my only reaction to this morning’s Denver Post article titled “Aim is leverage, not to close United” concerning the United Airlines flight attendants new “CHAOS” (Create Havoc Around Our System) intermittent walkout system was “these people are so stupid” (see my earlier reference to Atlas Shrugged (Cliffs Notes)).

  • Chris Selland

    I’ve had the same experience with ‘Habib Marwan’ – I put up a rather silly ’24’ post on a slow day back in May. I’m only at #6 on Google, but I still get a ton of hits from it.

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