Firefox Tabs – Ctrl-X

I’m a Firefox fiend (extension count going up daily; Greasemonkey security fears acknowledged) and I just found out that if you have multiple tabs, you can go to tab N by hitting Ctrl-N.  If you are like me and can’t visually scan horizontally for numbers (e.g. I have to count from left to right to figure out which tab I’m at – minor dyslexia-like thing) there’s an extension that’ll number the tabs for you.

  • Hi Brad,

    Have you given a thought to slimbrowser? It may not have all the features of firefox, but it has many features that firefox doesn’t have and it is a tabbed browser too. I’ve been using it for more than a year and can’t live without it!

  • From Kyle: Also ctrl-page up/dn toggles through the tabs (just like it does for worksheets in excel).

  • And SlimBrowser automatically saves all of your tabs, so that you can re-open them next time you open your browser.

    It’s addictively convenient!

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