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EDS recently started a blog called “EDS’ Next Big Thing Blog.”  The first post – Mania and the Next Big Thing – sets the tone for the blog.  Written by EDS Fellows, the blog is dedicated to the exploration of these and other questions as we pursue the identification, investigation, analysis and understanding of the “things” that will manifest themselves as the next big thing in information technology.”  It’s a real blog – comments are open – and some of them are pretty interesting and relevant to the articles.  So far they are writing about three posts a week – most of them in essay format – on a variety of corporate IT thoughts and issues.

  • EDS Blog: Brilliant or Naive?

    EDS has a new blog called the Next Big Thing dedicated to uncovering the future of technology.

  • Dave Jilk

    Hey, how come you haven’t welcomed Gov Bill Owens to the Blogosphere?


  • Raj Chanani

    EDS is an example of a well managed company. I must say that the Interview process is fairly beauractric.

    Another key issue of note is the recent press releases by EDS exggrating the number of employess laid off or terminated. All it does is it creates fear affecting the capitalization of the company.

  • Anonmyous

    Will EDS stock ever hit 50 dollars a share without a reverse split?

    In my openion, EDS needs to work with other vendors in the industry to resolve client email issues.

  • Jane

    We are a cog in a large factory. Every cog is important yet redundant. If the redundant cog is not there then the primary is more likely to fail

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