Women at Gnomedex

I’m at GnomedexRick Klau said it earlier today when he said that the Gnomedex theme song is “It’s Raining Men.”  I’m in a room with 500 people and there are less than 10 women in the room.  I’d better tell my friends a the National Center for Women & Information Technology that the RSS tech universe needs to be studied a little more.  Remarkably, within the first hour of the conference, we destroyed the “newly amped up WiFi at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.”  So – there you go – RSS Disconnected.  We just sang the official Gnomedex theme song (led by Dave Winer) – “Yellow Submarine.”

  • Lura

    Don’t feel too sorry for the women there. When I used to go to engineering conferences (seems like ages ago now), the ratios were about the same, but actually it’s a big plus for the women. The men all sort of meld together in a sea of black and grey suits. Who can tell them apart? Believe me, the women get remembered. I used to have men come up to me after the extra-yummy banquet dinner and say, “Hey, Lura,” and I would do the very Seinfeldian, “Hey……YOU” and start looking for any clue available (like a badge, for instance) to the guy’s name and where I had met him.

    I recently had the opposite experience at a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference. As you can probably guess, there were about 300 women and 3 guys. (You can usually tell the women apart at these, though. There’s always a lot of very odd women at these things.) At the beginning of the conference, they announced that because there were so many women and so few men at the conference, they were going to designate all of the main floor bathrooms as “womens”. The men would have to go either upstairs or downstairs to find a restroom. Can you imagine, even for a moment, of them telling the ladies at your conference that all of the main floor restrooms were now “mens” and they would have to go either upstairs or downstairs to use a restroom?

  • haha — it’s funny to note that men are writing about the lack of woman at a highly geeky tech conference. Rick Segal has made some similar observations:


    Does seeing buxom babe talking to Scoble about Channel 9, or the announcement of the new RSS focus going into Longhorn generate the same excitement as it does when a guy really into cars sees this show:


    For me, I’d love to see a Pamela Anderson type talking to Bill Joy about garbage collection procedures in Java, and how she shot herself in the foot with C++ when writing her latest ATL object. THAT would rock. That’s just me though…

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