Ten Best Loos In The World

I love a good bathroom.  When I look at office space, the bathroom is one of the first places I check out, as it can tell you all kinds of things about the place you are at.  I’ve been trying for over five years to get a bathroom at MIT named after me in exchange for a financial donation (some people name buildings – my aspirations are much more (im)modest.)

Chris Wand sent me a copy of the page from the June Wallpaper* Magazine with their top 10 list in the world.  If you find yourself in any of these cities, take a pit stop to check it out.

  • Felix Restaurant, Hong Kong
  • Bar 89, New York
  • College Hotel, Amsterdam
  • John Michael Kohler Arts Centre, Sheboygan, Wis.
  • Seattle Public Library
  • 40/40, New York
  • Grand Hyatt, Rappongi, Tokyo
  • 3D Gold Store, Hong Kong
  • Red Bar, Moscow
  • Public loo, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Scotland

  I’ll be in Seattle next week so I expect a trip to the Seattle Public Library is in order.

  • scott

    Bar 89 is up the street from me. I can say that, although novel, their “toiletspace” is probably not one worthy of a world-wide top ten list — unless they’ve performed an upgrade since I last visited. Their slant on bathrooms is this: There is (or “there was” in any event) a long row of unisex stalls that appear to have clear glass doors. However, when you close a door, it goes opaque. Beyond that, I don’t remember anything special about it.

    The funny thing is, a friend dragged me to Bar 89 ten or so years ago for the sole purpose of showing me the bathrooms (no mention of good food or expert mixology). I wonder what percentage of their customers were first introduced to Bar 89 due to their bathrooms… I’m tempted to say that the bathrooms are viral, but I might get sued for slander. Perhaps making a reference to the “long tail” would be more appropriate here.

  • A friend who wants to remain nameless sent me the link to Urinal.net. If you are into urinals, it’s the place to aim your mouse.

  • I. P. Freely

    There are some superloos in Vegas, if memory serves the China Grill has the funky glass pods, and a loo downtown is made out of the Berlin Wall.

    There are also some old speakeasy bars in New York with massive antique porcelain urinals, I’m thinking about Landmark Tavern, Old Town Tavern, possibly PJ Clarke’s.

  • Dai

    I made a website about toilets (http://tzcommunity.free.fr) and I look for pics. So if you have good pics, please send me by mail 🙂

  • Oh wow, your every post simply a masterpiece of world literature =)

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