Slingbox – TV Wherever You Want It

We have a bunch of cool companies.  One of my new favorites is Sling Media who makes the ultraspiffy Slingbox.  My collegue Ryan McIntyre sits on their board and has a comprehensive post with links up about this nifty new device that helps you watch your television (cable, satellite, or DVR) wherever you are.  You can watch Ryan and the CEO of Sling – Blake Krikorian – talking about this type of stuff on The ISV Show.

If you are so inclined, you can treat yourself to a new toy this holiday weekend and – instead of buying a car at the endless “4th of July sales” – wander over to your local CompUSA (or the CompUSA web site) and pick yourself up a Slingbox.

  • That is very cool… I can check out Lance and company in the Tour from my favorite coffee shop/satellite office. Very slick! I hope there are plans to port to MS Mobile.

  • Ron

    Any idea when they will support the Mac platform? Couldn’t find anything on their site about it.

  • Tom

    This is cool, but I’m a little grumpy that I had to read about it here. I’m signed up on the slingmedia mailing list, and I’m on their beta tester list, but I’ve received no email about this being available.

  • Slingbox

    This thing looks freakin’ sweet! I saw Brad Feld (a VC) talking about it on his blog. I have to read some reviews on this……

  • SlingBox

    I decided today that I read too much of the same information. My standard dosage of RSS feeds gets me Brad Feld, Southeast VC, Mark Pincus Blog, Seth’s Blog, Fractals of Change, Slashdot, and TheServerSide (along with a half dozen other semi-read fee…

  • i was thinking that it would also be cool to reverse the flow of bits… that is, what if a server could stream the data back to my tv?

    seems like the hardware/software would be similar, and you get your self a very nice subscription or recurring revenue model. i purchase the latest flick, pick a start time, and stream the movie to my living room. yeh… that would be cool.

  • Slingbox: Why it’s an interesting product

    Most reviewers who spoke negatively of S

  • Very interesting site is organizing sling box sharing with all countries

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