Roku Rocks

Nerd week continues (and my pile of technology crap on the floor slowly diminishes).  At the Microsoft VC Summit last month, our parting gift (Microsoft has always given out nice gifts) was a Roku SoundBridge M1000.  For the past few years, we’ve been using a Turtle Beach Audiotron which has worked well until recently.  About six months ago, it stopped noticing when I ripped new CDs to my file server (I use my Mac G5 to rip to an old Windows NT Server box – it’s about all I use the G5 for – I know, not so smart.)  I’d occasionally thrash around and try to figure out the problem with the Audiotron (it worked fine – it just decided it wasn’t going to add anything new to its playlists no matter what I did, including hitting it with my fist, which occasionally works with electronics.)

Now – I suck at the “A” part of “A/V”.  I’ve never really understood it so whenever something doesn’t work, I patiently endure Amy’s berating while begging that Ross will come over to my house and fix stuff for me (which he eventually does.)  So – it was with some trepidation that I opened the Roku box.

I was done fifteen minutes later.  I took it out of the box, inserted the WiFi card that comes with it, put the batteries into the remote control, plugged it in to the same cables the Audiotron was plugged into (hint to the “A” impaired – put new device in exactly the same place and connection as old device), turned it on, and it worked.  Flawlessly.  It found both my Mac iTunes library and my SlimServer (hmm – I thought I’d uninstalled that when I couldn’t get Amy to use the Slimp3 player that I tried once).  Zero set up, zero configuration.  Perfect.

I now have an Audiotron for sale.  It’s in perfect condition (except for a bruise from my fist – actually the bruise is on my fist, not the Audiotron), comes with a full set of cables and a remote control, and has no sales tax. It appears to go for around $150 + shipping on ebay (the auction that ends today has it at $152.50) – make me an offer.  Paypal accepted.

  • Roku followup 24 hours later –> the Audiotron is re-installed and not for sale anymore. Amy didn’t like that I couldn’t figure out how to control the Roku from her desktop computer NOR did she like lack off shuffle across genre. So – back to the Audiotron (even though I like the Roku.)

  • Brian Cabezud

    Have you tried using an Airport router? I heard Airtunes is pretty simple as well, and especially since you’re already using a G5, why wouldn’t you pay the same amount for an Airport that has other features (notably the wireless print server)? Nevertheless, a very nice gift from MSFT. Wish I had gone 😉

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