Podcasting, Business Intelligence, and Gnomedex

Gnomedex starts tomorrow (ok – I guess it officially started tonight, but I chose to spending the evening gorging on sushi with Amy and then watching the Spurs crunch the Pistons.)  I’m not a conference guy (I get restless) but I happened to be in Seattle and it has turned into the center of the RSS universe for a few days.  So – off I go to Gnomedex tomorrow.

In preparation, NewsGator released two new things this week.

  • Podcast support: FeedDemon already had it.  Nick and Greg quickly figured out how to take the stuff that Nick had created and integrated into NewsGator Online.  I tried it this morning.  Fucking awesome, especially given that it’s a code level integration between NewsGator Online and FeedDemon.  My iPod Shuffle thanks you (click the Add to Podcasts button in NewsGator Online and the Podcast automatically shows up on my Shuffle via iTunes on my laptop – one click, no other steps.)
  • Business IQ Subscription Service: A month ago NewsGator announced a partnership with Factiva.  Now, in addition to providing keyword search, you can get Factiva Industry Feeds via RSS through NewsGator.  Take a look at the demo.

Sync is up next.  I’ll be on the look out for short nerds tomorrow.

  • Matt Cutler

    While I think this is great concept and provides some truly useful functionality, the name ‘Business Intelligence’ is already well-established and refers to something completely different -> functionality like reporting and OLAP from vendors like Cognos, Business Objects, Hyperion, and Microstrategy. My concern would be confusion among the target market for this offering. Also, any of the BI vendors would take issue with this quote from the press release: “The combination of Factiva’s breadth and depth of authoritative content combined with NewsGator’s sophisticated RSS platform delivers an unmatched business intelligence solution.”

  • Wonder what you and Dave Winer

    talked about at Gnomedex…

    would make for an interesting post I’m sure.

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