Mercedes on Fire

Amy has a magnificent photo of her old Mercedes CLK55 on fire up on her blog.  This apparently complements the thrill she got from driving 120 mph in my SL55 tonight on her way home.  And – yes – Mercedes did the right thing and eventually replaced her car (that’s a long story for another time) and my car appeared to still be in one piece when she parked it in the driveway tonight.

The second time Greg Reinacker and I got together, we had a nice three hour dinner and covered a wide range of topics.  One of them was that he loved to race cars.  As we were heading back to my office from dinner to pick up his car, I tossed him my keys and said “have at it.”  It was a spectacular Boulder early summer evening (80 degrees, zero humidity, clear sky, bright moon), we put the top down, and he took off on Highway 36.  Within 10 seconds I grabbed onto my door handle and looked over at the speedometer – 130–something.  I think I said something like “holy shit, Greg.”  I vividly remember him turning his head slightly – as he kept his foot on the gas – and giving me an amazingly silly grin.

Note to self: Do NOT let Amy and Greg get in a car together.

  • Been there done that with Greg! 0-90-0 between the stop lights on Santa Fe, is an interesting concept, all the while hearing him complain that he could do better if the “Damn Traction Control would quit kick’n in!”

    What was even funnier is that when a couple of “Denver’s Finest” pulled us over, they were only concerned with two things… One, put the temporary tag in the BACK window sir! And two, how much did you pay for this thing?

    Lucky son of a gun!

  • Jeremy

    Allow me to direct your attention here…

  • I finally had a chance to catch up on my blog reading and saw Amy’s trial by fire. That prompted me to go ahead and publish my own personal “trial by flood”. I didn’t get a new car out of it, though. Bimmer Bummer…

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