Ken Norton’s Day At Enron

Ken Norton has an incredible post up about his visit to Enron in 1999 while he was CTO at NBCi.  Thanks for Mark Pincus for the link.  I’ve filed this under “Internet Axis of Evil” because – even though “bogus stuff that doesn’t work” isn’t in Fred’s list, it belongs.

  • Reading this brought back memories of my own involvment with Enron while at Interliant. We had entered into long term bandwidth deals with UUNet for what seemed at the time a great price of about 650 dollars a meg. Now the street price was approaching 300 dollars and Enron wanted us to be an anchor at their data centers they were opening. I accompanied our CEO and COO to the Enron building and sat in a room surrounded by about 8 Enron employees. No two worked for the same division of Enron. In a nutshell the guy on the left of me would buy my bandwidth at the price i paid for it from UUNet, he would then trade it and sell it around the table so that finally the guy on my right would sell me back in essence the same bandwidth at 300 dollars a meg. I remember walking out of the meeting with Bruce Graham and Herb Hribar and telling them either these Enron guys were the biggest thieves I had ever seen or the smartest guys around. Well we know the answer now.

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