Heidi Roizen on Venture Capital (and Entrepreneurship)

Heidi Roizen – one of my partners at Mobius Venture Capital and my close friend – just did her first podcast titled Heidi Roizen on Venture Capital: Silicon Valley is Back.  Heidi never disappoints – enjoy!

  • I was working late a few nights ago at Amante coffee shop in Boulder Colorado and got into a conversation about blogging (I had an old school Blogger t-shirt on). The gentleman turned me on to this blog. What a great mix of technology and business – it is now at the top of my subscribed feed list!

    So, I have two points about this post. First, for anyone out there who is interested in podcasting and who owns a Pocket PC or SmartPhone, check out smartfeed.org. I have written a “podcatcher”, a podcast receiver, for these devices. It is a free download, and I am looking for people to kick the tires.

    Second, the topics in this blog would make for an awesome podcast – I know I would subscribe. So, I throw that out as a possibility…

    I am looking forward to listening to Heidi Roizen’s podcast.

  • I was just trading emails with Seth L. on how we both don’t yet see the ROI on the time it takes to listen to podcasts b/c of the lack of searching/skipping like you do have in text. But – I’ll take the time to listen to Heidi for sure!

    Given Heidi’s creative writing background, it’s also surprised me that she hasn’t become the nth blogger from Mobius. next time you’re at her house you should change the homepage on all her computers to TypePad, but do it in the cover of the night so you can deny everything and say that the big man upstairs must be trying to send a message.

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