Give Me A Clue

I had a nice response to my I Don’t Get Podcasting – Yet post where a number of folks responded privately – both trying to give me a clue as well as sending deals my way.  On my run today, while listening to Postively 10th Street (happy 18th anniversary Fred and Joanne – Chai) and Mass Hysteria, I was thinking about the new investments I’ve been looking at.  I’m working on one that I think will surprise people after I do it, and figure I’ve got one new deal left in me this year after that one.

I’m looking for anything email or RSS related (which – of course – in my lexicon includes podcasting and vlogging).  I’m completely stage agnostic (early, middle, late – it doesn’t matter to me.)  Feel free to give me a clue and send interesting stuff my way.

  • There is so much going on in the vlogging scene that it is going nuts. We are trying to figure out how the medium can work, and how it might move forward. If you have the time, I suggest you check out FireANT which is like iPodder for video. Then go check out some vlogs and get a feel for what it might accomplish. We all heard about Rocketboom but there are just so many other exciting things going on too. I suppose vlogging will need some time before it really becomes ready for mass-market, but devices such as the PSP might help with that.

  • Hi, Brad. Sounds like you might be interested in Findory.

    Findory is a personalized feed reader. It learns from the articles you read, surfaces news and weblog articles that match your interests, and builds you a personalized front page. There is no configuration, no work. Just read articles.

    Findory also has personalized RSS feeds. It’s a feed build just for you that changes as you read articles from the feed.

    If you’re interested in hearing more about Findory, bounce an e-mail off me and we’ll set up a time to talk.

    Greg Linden, Founder & CEO,

  • If you are looking for Email/RSS investment opportunity I would look at Divmod.

    Otis (I’ve seen the app from the “inside” – it is yuuummmy).

  • Hi Brad,

    Sounds like you’re getting into that summer book list with gusto! For an early investment, check out Peter Cooper and his RSS Digest project at

    It’s quite a lean platform, and Peter’s a very capable engineer behind the wheel.

  • Brad,
    I usually read your blog almost every day but I’ve been so busy podcasting with my new venture called InfoTalk – Fresh Voices Platform. One notable on my format I don’t do any segment longer than 15 min. Most are 12 min but you can ‘roll a bunch together’ for a long run.

    Ever since Heidi and I podcasted traffic has been soaring and I celebrated my 3 wk bday for Can’t wait til you get back and do that podcast and bring that Feld knowledge on ‘tape’ (its really not tape) 🙂

  • P Madhavi

    Hi Brad,

    I work for a Big 4 firm in India and this is just an enquiry – would you be interested in VAS for broadband? we are trying to raise private equity for an early stage company that has built a product for audio/video communications through broadband including calla, messages and video post cards. The platform is also capable of carrying several types of web-based services and offers the BSP administrative convenience including registry and billing. We think it is a great idea and a timely one. Please let me know if you would like to look at it, in which case we can talk formally.

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