Wanna Job?

Seth Levine has a great blog post on getting a job in the VC business.  I get asked this question via my blog about once a week – Seth has done a nice job of giving me a URL to reference for the answer to this question.

Simultaneously, NewsGator Online just launched RSS feeds for job searches in partnership with Work.com.  You can now set up a feed with filters by job category, state, city, and job title.  Job postings are automagically delivered to you via RSS into your NewsGator Online newsreader. 

No Seth, this is not a hint.

  • If NewsGator is going be the Enterprise RSS Company it’s my humble opinion that things like job posting news feed are a distraction. I signed up for a number of high volume feeds like that when I was just learning to use a newsreader and those kinds of feeds were the first things I unsubscribed from once I knew what I was doing. I’ve also started unsubscribing to other high volume feeds like eWeek, NY Times, Wired, etc. What has made a newsreader invaluable to me is the connection to individuals. Now when I look at my list of subscriptions it looks like an email address book. All the RSS feeds that have survived correspond to specific individuals. Most companies including my company, CustomerVision, have either early or non-existent internal blogging but as that concept heats up tapping the often hard to get knowledge of co-workers will be even more powerful. As much as I have learned and shared through external blogs I know there are tons of thoughts and ideas about competitors, customers, product direction, partners, etc. that I would love to share with my team via a secure blog/wiki/CMS thing. A lot of these thoughts and ideas currently get shared inefficiently through email. At CustomerVision we are fixing that and hopefully we can help corporate America to understand the opportunity as well.

  • Chris Wand came in and talked to one of my classes. His basic answer was: luck. Sure, some things can help you get there but it seems a number times the situations that get people into VC are quite happenstance. Would you agree?

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