Stewardesses Stripped

No – this is not porn spam.  This is an example of the how the web can be used to expose things.

As you may be aware, United is working with the bankruptcy courts to invalidate a portion of its guaranteed pension plans.  Five current and former United Airlines flight attendants – aged 55 to 64 – have joined forces and created a calendar called “Stewardesses Stripped (of their Pension?)”  The goal of the racey 14 page calendar is “to create national awareness to the naked truth that no retirement fund is completely secure and that there is a definitive crisis in the pension guaranty system.” 

The sexual irony of the calendar is clever – the picture on the site is captioned “Are your butts covered?  We thought ours were too!”  In today’s PC world, this is definitely a shot across the bow cockpit.

  • Scary stuff!

    Robert Maxwell, aka the Bouncing Czech, demonstrated that you can have a lot of fun in publishing … especially if you are using other people’s pension money and are not inhibited by ethics or concern about legality …

    Ian Robert Maxwell was born in Czechoslovakia in 1923 as Jan Ludwik Hoch

  • jeff

    If any of the flights I have been on are an indication, I’m surprised they could get 5 “current and former” flights attendants for this calendar.

    In all seriousness, it would have been good for the machinists, pilots, flight attendants, and the mechanics to think about these issues over the last decade as they were flying the airline into the ground with the most generous labor agreements in the business instead of crying about it now… the employees own the airline ferchristsakes. it would also have been nice to get on an occasional flight that didn’t feature surly and dismissive flight attendants, but that’s another rant.

    This should be a call for all companies and government (e.g. Calpers) to move away from pension style defined benefit plans to 401k type defined contribution plans. And while we are at it, let’s raise the awareness for the biggest looming financial crisis that is on the horizon – social security.

  • Charlie Springer

    I don’t blame them for going after generous labor agreements. However, I do have a major problem with a business that pulls a pension.

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