New VC Bloggers – Price, Beisel, O’Donnell

For those of you that like to read about entrepreneurship and venture capital from a VC’s perspective, three younger VC’s have recently started blogging.

Will Price: Will is a Senior Vice President at Pequot Ventures.  Last month I led a financing for Klocwork which Pequot had originally spun out of Nortel and have been working with Will and Karen White on the company.  Will and I have plenty of two degree of separation action – he used to work with Seth Levine (who works for me at Mobius) at Morgan Stanley and my first company (Feld Technologies) was bought by Will’s boss at Pequot, Jerry Poch (Jerry and I have had a few monster hits together – including Service Metrics – along with some crummy failures – can anyone say (Rex – stop snickering)). 

David Beisel: David is an associate at Masthead Venture Partners.  They led the recent round in NewsGator.  David has been working with me, Seth, and Rich Levandov on the company.

Charlie O’Donnell: Charlie is an analyst for Union Square Ventures.  While I haven’t yet worked with Charlie, I’d met him a few times when he was at GM Asset Management (they are one of our LPs) and I’ve worked closely with Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures on a number of companies, including Return Path.

You’ll definitely get a different perspective on the venture capital business through the eyes of this younger crowd (god – it’s scary that I’m now part of the “older crowd”.)  Welcome guys.

  • Nivi

    But Brad

    What about me?


  • Will Pate

    Yay, thanks – always like finding more VC bloggers.

  • Will Price

    Thanks Brad. You and Seth really inspired me with some fantastic material, and I am enjoying the interaction on-line. I appreciate the post.

  • This is going to be BIG.

    The “Young VC” Crowd

    Got some link love from Brad and it comes at the right time, too, because I’ve been noticing a lot of the VC Analyst crowd popping up around the Blogosphere, and its made me think about my own role.

  • Charlie

    Thanks Brad!

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