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The CEO’s of my companies have probably gotten tired of me saying “c’mon guys – put a blog up as part of the front page of your site.”  While folks are still issuing press releases, the “home page corporate blog” is a great way of quickly getting messages out about your company and your products.  Plus – if you do it right – you can use the voice of people in your company, rather than just boring-as-shit PR/marketing speak.

While many of the CEO’s of my companies are blogging (JB, Dick, Terry, Ed, Jim, and Matt), it’s been slow going to get the corporate blogs up.  Not surprisingly (since they live and breath this stuff), NewsGator and Feedburner are the first two up.  NewsGator Daily covers all things NewsGator and – as CEO JB Holston says – will “have multiple authors contribute, embedded directly on our site.”  Feedburner’s weblog – Burning Questions – has been up for a few months, but they’ve just added Publisher Buzz (“recent posts from people who kind of dig Feedburner”).

If you want to subscribe, the links are below:

Rob, Dan, Terry, Mike, Ed, Jim, Marie, Tim, Matt, Raj, Ramana, Dave – what gives?

  • So how are your companies doing with internal blogging? Do you view that as a valid distinction? I think it has been an increasing trend that a number of popular bloggers have scaled back their public posting. Even Mena at SixApart has been embroiled in some controversy because she has been posting less and some say less openly. My hope would be that she is still blogging internally.

    I actually think that over time this is inevitable and that people will need an easy way to scope what they share. I have an external blog that has been somewhat neglected but my company has radically transformed our product and marketing strategy over the last year and blogging internally has been a key enabler of those changes. I understand the philosophy behind being open and getting feedback with external blogs but there are still a number of things we blog internally that I can�t see sharing. Things like discussions around pricing and competitors.

    For example, within CustomerVision we have blogged a lot about how we feel about current wiki products and how we can improve them and make them suitable for corporate use. As part of our process we broke down what we felt made current products unsuitable for use by business users, particularly in large enterprises. Our ideas about what is wrong with current wikis and how we plan to improve them could have been very offensive to existing wiki vendors and to the technically oriented early adopters that currently use wikis. Part of our conversations on this topic happened in person or through email but I think we really gained something in our process by moving the conversation to these internal blogs.

    A key benefit of the blog format for internal dialog is that it is even easier to synchronize conversations to fit everyone�s schedule. Our CEO spends a ton of time with customers and prospects and she was occasionally getting bombarded with product or strategy issues via email when she needed to be wearing her sales hat. Now the internal blog gets bombarded with thoughts and ideas and she can engage with them when she is ready.

  • Why Companies Blog

    The point of blogging isn’t so much communicating your own message, the point is to use blogging as a sounding board and listening post.

  • Dave Jilk

    First, you haven’t actually suggested a corporate blog to me or Xaffire specifically.

    Second, we have a product, it does something pretty straightforward, and once someone understands that there isn’t a whole lot to say about it. It’s a terrific product… ’nuff said.

    Third, given that there isn’t a whole lot to say about the product, any such blog would necessarily devolve into mischief, talking about my (or others’) opinions about subjects further afield, and requiring resources to review and make sure nothing proprietary, illegal, libelous, or plain stupid was being said.

    Blogs are a specific format for communicating ideas. Not all ideas and situations fit that format.

  • I can’t let this one go…

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    Brad Feld is the managing director of Mobius Venture Capital. He was on the board of YEO (of which I am a member) and I previously attempted to raise money from his firm when I was running LayerOne. Brad argues that businesses should put up a BLOG a…

  • What Gives?

    Something about Dave Jilk’s response to a post by Brad Feld has bothered me for some time. I’ve said before Why Companies Blog, and there are certainly many who still believe that blogging is not for them. Certainly every case is unique. In the c…

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