Are you feeling stressed today?

I’m not, but if you are, try some virtual bubble wrap.

  • Bobleplast

    Jeg bruker et undervisningscase kalt Sealed Air ganske ofte. Dette firmaet oppfant bobleplasten – og som kjent er en viktig egenskap med bobleplast at man kan poppe plastbobler n

  • It’s an online spa!

    As you know if you read the previous post, I’m not going to a spa this weekend.

  • De-stressing.

    Thanks to Brad Feld, I can rid myself of the stress of trying to make Windows work by popping virtual bubble wrap. It is strangely relaxing….

  • very cool Brad…thanks for posting it…

    I also found a couple of related sites inspired by your post…

    thanks again,
    michael parekh

    p.s. am having some trouble with the trackback generated off the above post…just a heads up.

  • Madhavi

    Hi Brad, I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and enjoy reading your posts, quite apart from the technical contents like term sheets (which was how i found your site in the first place). thanks for posting the bubble wrap, it’s quite cool and like someone said, strangely relaxing….


    POP GOES THE WEASEL! My mom can’t get enough of popping Bubble Wrap whenever she comes stateside…it’s one of her favorite things to do… Thus my eyes popped when I clicked this link courtesy of Feld Thoughts (thanks, Brad).

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