24 Life Expectancy Chart (Season 4)

For all you 24 fans out there, Jason pointed me the 24: Season 4 Life Expectancy Chart.  Priceless.  Of course, if you aren’t a 24 fan YET, you can get started in – well – 24 hours – with 24 – Season One.  And – if you are a real masochist, try out 24 – Season Two and 24 – Season Three over Memorial Day weekend – you can take your time and watch 48 hours over three days.

To demonstrate how truly committed I am to the cause, I managed to convince Amy to let me change our flight time on Monday from Chicago to Washington DC so we could get there in time to watch the grand finale live.

  • jeff

    Lisa and I have been one season behind, but we get all 6 discs on Netflix so we don’t have to wait for each new episode, we’re in season 3.5 right now. The only rule is that we can’t take more than 3 hours in one sitting, too emotionally exhausting.

    I don’t know if I can take another season, it’s too damn intense. Plus, there is only so much Jack Bauer self-destruction I can take!

    this is easily one of the best programs on television. It should also be a lesson to studio execs that an audience can get into a complicated plot and complex characters if you give the writers enough time to develop them, and of course hire good writers.

  • Brad, this is one of the best shows right now! It’s too bad that the season will be over next monday. Did they get re-signed for another season? If the plot is linear, then they’ve got a lot of crap to deal with in Season 5. Yes, that website rules!

  • Thin Lizzy

    24 Life Expectancy Cha…

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