New Websites – Colorado Conservation Trust and National Center for Women & Information Technology

While Amy and I are involved in and support a number of non-profits, I limit the number of non-profit boards I sit on at any one time to a total of three as I’ve seen way too many “passive non-profit board members.”  While this might be good for the person’s resume, ego, or the non-profit’s external perception of involvement from meaningful people in the community, it’s just not my way – if I’m going to sit on a board, I take it seriously and give it the energy, time, and attention it deserves.

Currently I’m chairman of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and on the boards of the Colorado Conservation Trust and the Watershed SchoolNCWIT and CCT both released radically updated websites this week.  If you are interested in either organization or have looked at their sites in the past, it’s worth a refresher.

  • “Watershed School, an innovatve new high school designed to inspire and educate students for college and life.” Ah, this is what you must have mentioned at dinner awhile back…I’m going to have to read more about it. I’m totally into these types of endeavors – the challenge is to overcome a reputation of being a super alternative “artsy fartsy” or “outdoorsy” program that doesn’t have real academics and a reputation that in some alt schools keeping score doesn’t matter (and it does). I’m glad to know about your involvement here – you may be interested in some stuff I’m thinking about in this area which I’ll send you at some point….

  • The new website for the National Center for Women & Information Technology looks great. It seems like it’s missing a section for examples and case studies. It seems to me with this type of organization nothing would be more powerful than highlighting a diverse range of role models. This would be good for professionals that are profiled and it would be inspirational for young women considering technology careers.
    Obviously the Carli Fiorina’s of the world are known to anyone paying the slightest attention but people like Mena Trott, Kim Polese, Jomei Chang, Sue Cooper, Janis Machala, and other less well known professionals would all make great success stories. Publishing student profiles that highlight technology achievements might be another avenue. These profiles could include interviews and the opportunity for these people to make connections, which would truly be a way to have a serious impact.
    Maybe that gets outside the scope of the organization’s mission but as a tech entrepreneur who works for a woman CEO and who has two daughters that might want to follow their dad into the business someday, that’s the type of thing I was hoping to see when I heard about the organization.

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