Customized M&M’s

I created some custom M&M’s for Amy and surprised her with them when I was in Paris a week ago.  While they aren’t cheap, they were worth it (you get to choose your own colors and two different messages of two lines by eight letters.)  In my continued effort to spread romance throughout the world, I highly recommend this as a gift from a chocolate lover to his/her significant other that is also a chocolate lover.

  • It’s so great to receive a gift that obviously took time and was planned in advance, since both of those are rare things in Brad’s life. Thanks, babe..

    And for all you X-Files fans out there, note that the posting time of this blog is 10:13, which is a Chris Carter meme..

  • Hi Brad,

    Not only does Amy Rock, but you totally rock for having the style to give her these delictable tasty goodies. They are perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve seen and Amy is nice enough to share. Yum, the pink ones taste the best!

  • What could you do with M&Ms

    Brad Feld writes about ordering custom printed M&Ms.

    If you can order customized computer products from

  • Michael Orecchio

    I wish i found out about these a few days ago! My girlfriends birthday is tuesday!

  • I ordered a batch to celebrate the birth of my daughter. I received the order yesterday only to find that thet had misspelled her name. It was correct on the packing slip but not on the candy. Since they were not cheap I called customer service to get my money back. They gave me a lot of attitude and I still don’t know if I will get refunded my money or the cost of returning them. I should have known there might be a problem when the first I saw when I opened the box was a return form.

    It is a nice idea, but it turned into a huge hassle for me.

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