Book Review – The Chairman

Last summer, I decided to read all of Stephen Frey’s books.  Most were good, a few were not so good, but it was clear that Frey was becoming a better mental floss writer with every book.  His books are about Wall Street, power, intrigue, finance, and most recently private equity.  As a managing director at a private equity firm, he speaks from experience.

Thanks to Stephanie Miller from Return Path who sent me a copy of Frey’s latest book, The Chairman, as a gift.  I thought it was his best one yet and a great start to the “summer reading extravaganza” that’s in front of me.

  • Pat

    Are you a speed reader? I honestly can’t fathom how you have time to read so many books. I would love to know what your secret is.

  • I just finished Shadow Account by Stephen Frey and liked it as my first by the author. I’ll definitely give The Chairman a read, but first I’m moving on to another “money-finance-power-intrigue” author, Christopher Reich and “The Devil’s Banker.” I’m burned out on business books, so I’m just trying to read for the pure fun of it these days, which I haven’t done in a few years. Thanks for the inspiration and your recipe for mixing in a little mental floss, as you call it.

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