2 Billion Served

One of my companies – Quova – just had a month where they served over 2 billion queries from their customers.  That’s 64m queries / day (or 750 / second) – a huge milestone (double what 1 billion was <g>) and actually represents less than half of the actual queries since this only counts customers of Quova’s that have query logging turned on.  Real time IP geolocation matters to a lot of people.

Non-financial numeric milestones are fun to track and always highly motivating for the team.  I remember clearly the day Raindance did more than 1 million of conferencing minutes and then several months later broke the 1.5 million mark.  There are patches where the growth curve becomes non-linear for a while and understanding what drives this (and all other growth dynamics) is very helpful to determining what to do to maintain and continue growth.

  • Todd Vernon

    Tracking these kinds of metrics are also great for employees. Once a company becomes public it’s very hard to share financial metrics to keep employees in touch with the company progress. Secondary metrics like these are great, and often just far enough removed to keep them out of trouble with the SEC..

  • Derald Muniz

    yah man! I would be curious to find out what the target #s where for queries per month including future #s.