Today’s Best Throne – The Toto Neorest 600 (According to Wired)

I love my Toto Washlet S100.  But – my friend Scott Moody just sent me an email that has made me lust for something new – the Toto Neorest 600.  According to Wired, following are a few of the features of tomorrow’s paperless office.

  • Integrated bidet: An adjustable, targeted spray plus a warm-air dryer means the end of toilet paper.
  • Smart Flush: Sensors in the bowl detect the amount and type of waste and adjust water volume for each person and every flush.
  • Sleek design: Computer-modeled curves and wider trapways mean better carry-out of waste and a cleaner bowl.
  • Clever seat: The lid raises as you approach; sensors under the seat detect whether you sit down – and the seat goes up if you don’t.
  • Health monitor: A lab-on-a-chip checks waste for cholesterol levels and scans for signs of illness. Results are emailed to medical technicians.
  • Better plumbing: A link to the household mainline, combined with a sophisticated array of valves, allows less water to do the same work.
  • Brad, “lust” is a pretty strong word for a toilet.

  • doug deangelis

    The first time I was attacked by one of these things in Japan remains one of my most vivid memories. Draw your own conclusions as to what that says about the toilet seat vs. me.

  • D.Kirkpatrick

    Just got back from my second trip to Japan, and I loved the washlets. I almost bought one over there (one of the nicer models for around $300 USD) but decided I’d wait ’til I got back to make sure mount spacing was right (14cm gap in Japan) and plumbing fittings would be available here. Haven’t checked this yet, but I was concerned that the Japanese plumbing fittings might not be compatible with the NPT threads in the US, and am not sure if an adaptor is readily available. Returning, I’m finding these things cost around $600 here in the states-and that’s just for the seat. Anyone know a cheaper source for TOTO products here? Anybody been through or know the answer to the plumbing fitting and mounting gap questions? E-mail me at

  • corine ducret

    I’ve been very impressed with the japan loos technology when I was there last summer. I loved the washlet met in every hotel or riyokan. Please someone coult let me know how to get hold of one from france? please write me at
    So kind of you.

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