Untied Airlines

I fly United – well – a LOT (yeah – I’m a 100K Premium Exec again this year) since I live in Colorado and United has something like 75% of the gates at DIA.  Like most United frequent flyers, I am somewhat skitzo about my “support” for United – if they get out of bankruptcy, I don’t expect them to operate any better than they traditionally have, but if they liquidate, I expect that my travel will be totally fucked for some period of time since DIA is such an economically unattractive hub for the airlines.

I’ve been referring to United as “Untied” as they struggle through the bankruptcy process and was pleasantly surprised today when I typed www.untied.com and discovered a delightful “complaint site” against United that’s been around for a while.  The stories are hysterical (in that sick, sad, sort of way) and eerily reminiscent of some of my experiences.

  • Brad, echo here. They’re fucked and we’re fucked. Can’t wait for the mechanics to strike. Did you happen to see my post on them a week or so ago? I’ve already bailed and gone over to Frontier…their employees actually smile. It won’t help you internationally, but domestically they go everywhere!
    See ya!

  • Dave Jilk

    I sat next to a Delta pilot on a flight Sunday. One fact and two rumors:


    – Delta may merge with Continental
    – If United closes the Denver hub, Delta may pick it up and close Salt Lake. It’s actually a much better western hub than SLC, in terms of relative location, size of city, as well as weather.


    Delta has apparently dramatically changed its schedule, to look more like Southwest, and they are planning more point-to-point flights.

  • Power to the People

    Why you should really, really focus on creating net promoters (instead of net detractors): Untied

  • On a slightly related note, America West recently took preventative action and registered AmericaWorst.com. Check out the Whois search

    It’s amazing it took them until June 2004 to grab it (and only the .com at that). I’ve heard them called that for years.

  • magicone

    Thanks for that great link to the Untied complaint club. I got a great laugh, contributed and signed the guest book.

    Well the competition maybe tough and the market maybe saturated, but I really don’t see much operational diversity amongst the major players. They all seemed dedicated to treating people like cattle and cutting corners every which way they can.

    I am especially unhappy with what is going on at the terminals right now. I think switching a major carrier to a non-public, private carrier would be just the way ballsy way to distinguish oneself in a market like this.

    Naturally there are lots of small-chartered aircraft operations. But I’m talking about a real jetliner fleet dedicated to serving a private base of air customers. As a private carrier, we could perform a one-time, extensive prescreening and completely bypass this terminal security boondoggle.

    Hey, the beurocrats in Washington can’t prevent a group of Americans from owning their own aircraft. Afterall, the elite class and corporate jet users don’t have to be subjected to these shoe strip searches that only Phoenix Sky Harbour seems to be partial to.

    I’d certainly ante up $250 to own a membership or a market share in an airline that doesn�t operate in constant panic mode.

    Could you imagine driving up to the airport, walking out of your car, heading straight to the tarmack and getting on-board? What a freaking novel concept…

    Anyhow, I think this TS has gotten way out of control. And how much safer has all of this made us? What an embarrassment to the nation this situation has become.

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