Must Read Blogs – Roger McNamee and Tom Evslin

I stumbled upon references to two new bloggers today that are must reads for anyone interested in technology, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

  • Roger McNamee – a hugely successful public market and venture capital investor – has started a blog called The New Normal (after a book he just published).
  • Tom Evslin – founder, chairman, and CEO of ITXC.  I remember meeting Tom at Fred Wilson’s office at Flatiron when Fred was considering funding ITXC.  We (Softbank) passed – Fred went on to fund Tom and made plenty of money as a result.  My recollection of Tom was super-high energy, great thinker, and incredibly passionate about what he was up to.  Tom rode out the bubble with style, creating a successful business that was acquired last year by Teleglobe.

Happy reading.

  • J-Curves and Relationships

    Found a great new-to-me blog thanks to Feld Thoughts. Try this post on for size:

    A J-curve runs through the New Normal. That’s when you invest more than you reap in the early stages, but in the long run you get paid huge dividends.  You won’t…

  • Brad, if you get a moment, ask Heidi about her memories of Tom and his partner/wife Mary. Solutions Inc. I think it was (?)… we worked with them back in the T/Maker days. Lovely people, a joy to do business with.

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