Seth Levine – Mobius Venture Capital Blogger #5

Seth Levine – who works with me in Colorado – launched his blog yesterday. Seth becomes the fifth Mobius Venture Capital blogger – joining me, Ryan McIntyre, Ross Carlson, and Robin Bordoli. It’ll be fun to watch Seth try to string words into sentences (and more importantly, sentences into paragraphs.)

Even though he’s just launched his blog, Seth has been very deep into the blog-stuff. He works closely with me on NewsGator and has had a big role in our investment there. We recently promoted Seth to principal, so he must be doing something right.

Welcome – Seth – to the blogosphere.

  • jeff

    Mobius probably takes the crown for most bloggable shop… your power to influence is duly noted!


  • Seth Levine – Mobius Venture Capital Blogger

    Adding a new blog to the Ventureblogs list: VC Adventure Seth says: “I’m calling it “VC Adventure (you are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike”) because I’m intending to muse about the twists and turns of the VC

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