Terry Gold – Another CEO / Entrepreneur Blog

A long time friend and entrepreneur – Terry Gold (Gold Systems CEO) – has started a blog.

I met Terry several months after I moved to Boulder in 1995. As part of starting up the Colorado chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization, I had an initial meet and greet event for at The Boulderado for about a dozen local entrepreneurs that were referred to me by a handful of lawyers and bankers that I’d met shortly after I’d moved. Terry – along with Paul Berberian – were part of the group that night.

A few weeks later, Terry and his partner Jim Fudge came out to my house in Eldorado Springs. We went for a long walk (three miles round trip) in my backyard and I listened to them talk about the struggles they were having with their 15 person consulting firm. They were both on edge and in a not-so-good place I’d been many times when running my first company (Feld Technologies). I can’t remember the exact advice that I gave Terry and Jim, but shortly thereafter I joined the Gold Systems board and helped Terry assemble a true outside board of directors.

It’s amazing to me to look back and realize that I’ve been working with Terry for over eight years. While his company has grown nicely over this time, it’s been even more rewarding to experience Terry’s personal growth – both as an entrepreneur and a friend. I’ve always been a huge fan on Terry’s, but it’s remarkably easy for me to publicly say that I’d “go to the ends of the earth for him.”

Terry – welcome to the blogosphere.

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