Marketing Advice for $1000 Alex

Ok – Amy’s been making me watch too much Jeopardy these days (although I’ve had a blissful week off from it since I banned TV from this trip.) Fortunately, I can read while it’s in the background (plus Ken just wins all the time – what’s the fun of that.)

So – I picked up Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got with my typically cynical point of view toward marketing. As I wrote in my post Your Marketing Sucks (the title of my favorite marketing book to date), I expected very little from this book even though it was recommended in a comment to the forementioned post by Troy Angrignon (who I don’t know, but did appreciate the comment.) Troy highly recommended this book so it went into the “read some day pile.”

Some day came. For a marketing book, it was a notch above sucking. The pretty little “bonus star” on the cover says “21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition” – never, in my mind – a particularly good sign. However, while the book was pretty simplistic, I found myself getting into it after about 100 pages. Jay Abraham (the author and self proclaimed “master motivator”) loads it up with examples – many of them commonplace ones that ironically made me think “oh – that makes sense – duh – why aren’t we doing that at company X.”

The chapters on Internet and email marketing were pretty lame, especially in contrast to the final publisher proof of Sign Me Up! by Matt Blumberg and the Return Path folks that I read earlier this week. But the rest of the book had plenty of straightforward but useful ways to out-think, out-perform, and out-earn the competition.

Ok – I’m done with business books for a while – time to go for one last run on the beach this trip and then disappear into The Runes of the Earth – Stephen Donaldson’s first book in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

  • TV banned for a week? It’s been banned in my world for more than a year and I’ve never looked back. Seriously: it’s the only leisure activity which *reduces* social capital in a community. Try not watching TV for 3 weeks and you’ll see a big difference. You can also read a lot more. Sole exception: Seinfeld re-runs.

    Anyway, interesting reads this weekend.

    (P.S. I understand that you may be forced to watch TV due to certain marital committments. Suggest playing, er, Boggle with her instead. If she needs her Ken and needs her Jeporday, then you’re def in a tricky situation.)

  • Bruce

    Side comment: I bought the wife a pair of wireless headphones for the TV so that we could hang in the same room, hold hands, watch and read at the same time.
    Bliss could be just a tech-step away!

  • Brad, you are right that the carnival barker style writing can get annoying with Jay’s stuff and that his internet section should be titled “How to Use This Cool New Thing Called The ‘In-Ter-Net'”, but those issues aside, I’m glad that you found some good solid content inside. I have found it very useful and the principles are very straight forward and probably not being applied 98% of the time by most companies. Glad that you (sort of) enjoyed it.

    For a very unusual book, try “Your First Hundred Million” by Dan Pena ( It costs �285 (not sure what that is in USD) and is over-the-top in terms of braggadocio, but is a useful text nonetheless.

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