Why Google Should Buy SCO

The famous “Do No Evil”, of course. Given some of the recent negative chatter on Google, I’ve been thinking of what bold move they could do that would cause most of the technology industry to stand up and cheer for them. How about buying SCO?

1. It’s cheap, only $60m or so.
2. Fire everyone (ok – maybe it’s $100m when you get done with all the winddown costs and golden parachutes).
3. Open source / GPL all of the SCO products in exchance for settling all the lawsuits.
4. Be done with all the SCO nonsense.

Disclaimer: I’m not a shareholder of either Google or SCO nor do I have any non-public information about either company.

  • I like it Brad. I have been posting lately that Google needs to and might just be competing with IBM not Microsoft in building next generation ‘big iron’ internet based services. You are thinking different and that is a key to Google really making a good move at growing to justify their mkt potential.

  • Dave Jilk

    And how do the Google shareholders benefit from this $100m investment?

  • I can see how buying SCO would solve some problems for the software industry (including Google), but why would they spend $100M in an act of social good for the software industry?

    Desite the “Do no evil” mantra, Google is still a public company focused on profits with fierce competitors. The fact that they’re generating mountains of cash shouldn’t give them carte blanche to solve the problems in the world.

    I think a better idea is for Larry and Sergey to use their gain from Google’s IPO to buy our SCO. It would definitely be an interesting act of charity for a newly minted billionaire…

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