South Park – The Passion of the Jew

I’m an unashamed South Park fan (if Colorado wasn’t a swing state I’d consider writing in Cartman for president.) Amy and I watched South Park – The Passion of the Jew tonight and rolled around on the floor in laughter. The DVD included two bonus tracks – Christian Rock Hard and Red Hot Catholic Love.

If you aren’t a South Park fan, can’t handle “clearly over the reasonableness line” satire and sarcasm, or are easily offended, this is not for you. However, if you are a South Park fan, couldn’t ever figure out what was the big deal about The Passion of the Christ, or just love 90 minutes of non-stop, non-PC satire – this is it. As one would expect from the titles, each episode does actually have a moral at the end.

  • Andy

    Didn’t know you were a South Parh fan.

    To round out your South Park religous satire, you should watch the all about mormons episode ( Episode #712, 2003 ).

    They hit the trifecta.

  • Pierre

    Thanks Brad, as a die-hard SP fan this is one I cannot miss but just haven’t gotten around to yet. You’ve now pushed me over the edge and will make it into this week’s movie rentals 😉 Good to know I’m not the only one who’s over 30 (OK, over 40 😉 watching and laughing my ass off at this show.

  • I watched the Passion of The Jew a few months ago with my son Sam. My stomach hurt so much from laughing.

  • BJ

    Gotta love SP! The Christian Rock Hard episode is one of my all-time faves (I used to work in that industry).

    OK, don’t shoot me… but has anyone else seen Orgazmo? It’s a movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (SP creators) and it’s absolutely brilliant. Take a Morman missionary and throw him into the porn industry and that’s what you get. I had to buy this movie on DVD via eBay, but it was worth it (although the reproduction of the audio is subpar).

    Good times.


  • danielle

    what number episode is the passion of the jew

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