Some Books Weren’t Meant to Be Finished

If you follow my Read Recently list, you know that I plowed through a lot of books this summer.  However, I’ve been stuck on What Einstein Told His Cook for two weeks.  It’s not a bad book (in fact, if you are a foodie, it’s a very interesting book.)  However, as I’ve been crushed with work the past two weeks, I haven’t been reading much and the book hasn’t pulled me in to escape from the world.

When I was a teenager (and reading a ton – remember the “bookworm” – ok – that was me) I decided that it was ok to simply stop reading a book when I wasn’t getting through it.  I know a lot of folks that seem to be unable to bail on a book – I’ve never completely understood this as I think it feels liberating to decide that a book wasn’t meant to be finished.

On to the next one – Blue Mountain: Turning Dreams into Reality – Susan Polis’ story of how she, her husband Stephen, and her son Jared created a greeting card giant that spun off – one of the most financially successful Internet bubble-era exits.

  • jeff

    I’m with you, I’d bet that I don’t finish reading 1 in 4 books that I start. My dilemma is that I’ll start reading something (I’m a history reader) and what I’m reading will take me somewhere other than the book I started with. Eventually, I may come back to the book I started, but quite a bit of time may pass. I’ve been known to take years to finish some things I start reading.

    My wife is complete opposite, she will plow through one book after another like a machine.

  • NOT finishing a book used to be really hard for me. But it’s been easier lately. And not because of time but, frankly, because I lose interest.

    I still can’t walk out of a movie, though.

  • Dave Jilk

    I’ve always wished I could be as good at this as you. I have trouble stopping a book even when I don’t like it much.

    I would argue, though, that if you don’t read the whole thing, you shouldn’t really say you’ve *read* it. Perhaps you need a “Recently Tried to Read” section.

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