NewsGator News and Name

NewsGator announced another RSS content relationship yesterday – this time with uclick, the online arm of Universal Press Syndicate (UPS). You can now get Doonesbury, Cathy, FoxTrot, Garfield, Ziggy comics via RSS (god – I loved FoxTrot – I forgot it existed…)

Greg Reinacker (NewsGator’s founder) also put up a post discussing his thoughts about changing the NewsGator name. He’s looking for feedback – go to the post and tell him what you think. As a board member, I can assure you that your opinion will count here as we’re currently pondering what to do.

  • Should NewsGator change its name because of a potential “Gator” association? Not sure…

    Greg Reinacker, the CEO of NewsGator, is asking feedback as to whether the “Gator” connotation is negatively impacting the image of his business, and whether he should consider changing the name of his company. As too many of us already

  • I posted over at Greg Reinacker’s blog but as a Product Marketer I’ve got to say that the decision to change a brand or a company name for an established company is a difficult one, I would always lean towards not changing the name.

    Look at what happened when HP spun off their instruments group (I know it’s a bit of a different situation than yours) into the newly named Agilent Technologies. They’re still struggling with that name change. What changes like these do is confuse customers.

    Then again it can work to a company’s favor as in the case when Andersen Consulting changed their name to Accenture just before the Arthur Andersen/Enron accounting debacle. But that was just luck …

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