Another VC Blogger – Kim Davis King

Kim Davis King, a partner at IDG Ventures, just started a blog. I’ve known Kim for a number of years – we are on the boards of Quova and Newmerix together and I’ve had a long standing relationship with her partner (and CEO of IDG) Pat Kenealy.

When I started my blog in May, there were only a handful of VC and CEO bloggers (at least that I was aware of.) It has been fun to watch the ranks expand on a weekly basis. Kim’s first post is about how IDG Ventures is at a crossroads as they are starting to think about raising their first fund with LPs beyond IDG. For anyone that’s interested in how the VC fundraising process works (which I often refer to as “payback for VCs”), this should be interesting.

Welcome Kim.

  • yeah, but blogging the fundraising process is a no-no. frontrunning, hyping issues galore.

  • Dave Jilk

    Your link to her first post is broken. The ‘blog’ link works.

    Feld Comment: Kim appeared to write her second post over her first post (and the first post is subsequently gone.) I didn’t bother updating my post so it wouldn’t rebroadcast.

  • Pierre

    I hope she is treated by prospective investors better than she treats some of the start-ups that pitch their companies to her. Unreturned phone calls, no feedback, poor interactions, these are the indellible marks she and her colleagues at IDG have left on promising start-ups that were invested in by other VCs. I do not hope their attitudes and behaviors on any one, much less on themselves 😉

    No, I’m not bitter 🙂

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