Agile Software Development with SCRUM

Erg. Chewy. But – useful, interesting, and educational (kind of like eating shredded wheat for breakfast – it’s tough going down but you know it’s good for you.)

Ryan Martens at Rally Software recommended Agile Software Development with SCRUM as part of my continued education on Agile software development approaches and methodologies. If you’re interested in learning about SCRUM – which was first presented as a methodology to the OMG at OOPSLA95 – this is the book for you.

  • I too have been reccomended this by Ryan…but I’m finishing up the Alistair book “Agile Software Development” first. The shredded wheat metaphor is on the money (although I hope you put blueberries on your cereal…good for memory and helps it go down). I’m about 3/4 the way done with the book and I haven’t gotten too much from it – still struggling to get my arms around the practical applications of Agile in a limited resource, distributed development environment. I’m also trying to figure out differences btwn XP and SCRUM and how Agile plays into both.

  • I have just started reading about agile and it seems really good for the right developing environment. It seems to suit small groups of developers who have the same goals and work ethic. I could see problems with agile if their was a personality class between certain individuals with the department.

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