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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Airplane Relief – Bose QuietComfort 2 Headphones

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I’m on an airplane from Denver to Philadelphia blissfully listening to U2 on my Ipod using my new Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

These things are awesome. What took me so long to discover them? If you fly more than once a month, I command you to save your soul and go buy a pair now. Buy them on the Bose site and I get nothing, buy them on the Amazon site and I get enough money to buy a pizza.

I’m as happy as one can be on an airplane. United forgot my Asian Veggie meal again, but who cares – I can’t hear them because my headphones are cancelling out their noise.

  • Jerry

    Sorry. No pizza for you. I’ve had my Bose Twos for close to a year. They actually replaced my first pair (the Bose Ones; the Twos are a substantial improvement over the Ones in many creature comfort ways).
    I can’t fly without them now. It’s amazing how much ambient noise you’re subjected to on an airplane.

  • Mike Cunningham


    your Amazon link doesn’t work!

    Still like your blog!

    Mike Cunningham

  • Brad Feld

    I just checked (4/2/05) and it doesn’t look like you can buy the Bose QuietComfort 2′s on Amazon right now for some reason.

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